About Public Equity

Founded in 1996, Bain Capital Public Equity is a global alternative equity platform built upon the hallmark investment philosophy of Bain Capital– conduct intense fundamental research on industries and companies to maintain a high level of domain expertise and derive unique and actionable investment insights. On that philosophy, we place additional emphasis on analytical portfolio construction and our robust ESG risk framework, seeking to identify and capitalize on opportunities in the global equity markets.

Our Value Proposition

We believe Bain Capital Public Equity provides a compelling value proposition to our partners based on the following four core attributes:

Bain Capital Platform
Bain Capital Platform
Fosters idea sourcing and promotes valuable insights with a global perspective and a strong culture of corporate citizenship and community engagement
Domain Expertise
Domain Expertise
Drives conviction through industry focus, experience and extensive relationships
Capital Markets Experience
Capital Markets Experience
Promotes capital discipline and an opportunistic approach through a robust ESG and portfolio/risk management framework
Private Market Approach
Private Market Approach
Facilitates underwriting with fundamental rigor and long term focus

Our Strategies

Bain Capital Public Equity deploys capital across multiple global equity strategies with varying risk/return profiles and vehicle structures. Our investment objective is to generate attractive returns over a full market and industry cycle with a focus on alpha generation and quality of return. We are flexible in how we engage with our investors, seeking to be true long-term partners.

Global Equity Long/Short

A moderate-net fundamental long/short equity strategy, seeking opportunities globally across each of our core areas of industry domain expertise. Our differentiated style and approach to portfolio construction combines concentration in our highest conviction long and short ideas with targeted hedging strategies seeking to mitigate potential factor risk.

Global Long Equity

A concentrated fundamental long equity strategy, seeking opportunities globally across our core areas of industry domain expertise. The strategy seeks to generate attractive excess return relative to the global equity markets through portfolio concentration and a long-term investment horizon while maintaining reasonable balance across style and risk factors.


A co-investment strategy that is opportunistic by nature and varies over time as market conditions change and individual investment opportunities materialize. Investment strategies may include late stage pre-IPO, public company structural mispricing, and anchor-order IPO investment opportunities.


We partner with our clients to drive incremental value, including transparency and service, shared insights, potential co-investments and strategic relationships.

For more information about our investment opportunities, please contact our Investor Relations team at PublicEquityIR@baincapital.com.

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