Investment Objective

Bain Capital Public Equity employs global equity strategies that combine rigorous fundamental research and analytical portfolio construction within our ESG risk framework to identify and capitalize on opportunities across the global equity markets. We seek to generate attractive returns over a full market cycle with a focus on alpha generation and high quality excess return. Through partnership with our clients, we drive incremental value, including transparency and service, shared insights, potential co-investments and strategic relationships.

Investment Principles

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ESG Principles

We believe that ESG considerations, combined with the right active investment approach, can be an important driver of positive alpha and excess return generation. Accelerating technological advancement/disruption and regulatory ESG-related initiatives are measurably impacting (both positively and negatively) business unit-level economics. We believe that investing through a thoughtful ESG lens helps us avoid risk and drive better long-term performance.


Combine fundamental approach with good corporate citizenship and proactive ESG awareness.


Stay within our core areas of Domain Expertise, avoid investing solely on the premise or promise of ESG. Emphasize opportunities where we believe ESG is a viable economic driver or has material tangential benefits.


Focus on good businesses we want to own over multiple years. Avoid making investments because it “feels” good or simply has a high ESG rating. Adhere to the Bain Capital Public Equity Investment Principles.


We seek to avoid companies doing harm; consider opportunities where consumer, social and regulatory preferences/trends create an economic driver.


We aim to identify good economic businesses where the core product or service helps alleviate a social challenge.


We aim to identify good management teams with strong operating skills and smart, shareholder friendly corporate governance. Seek transparency, shareholder communication, ethical behavior and diversity of thought. We opportunistically engage with management and boards behind the scenes.

Strategy Icon

We strive to develop differentiated views and unique insights on our portfolio companies as a primary mechanism to generate alpha.